Asprova Manufacturing Schedulers Seminar

Aimed At: Master Scheduler, Production Scheduler, IT Manager, Planning and Scheduling Department.

Total Seminar Duration: 18 hours / 4 Days

Description: Analice and apply main functionalities of Asprova MS.


  Static Data: Integrated Master Editor, shifts, calendars, resources, item.

  Dynamic Data: Manufacturing and Purchase Order, results.

  Graphical User Interface (Realizing visual management)

  Techniques to Shorten Lead Times and Eliminate Late Deliveries

  Sub resource and Setup (Internal and External)

  Commands and Scheduling Parameter

  Order (Inventory) Pegging and Auto-replenishment Production: Pure Make-to-order,   Repetitive Make-to-order, Assemble-to-order, Make-to-stock.

  Advanced settings:, Valid conditions, yield rate, scrap, quantity formula, production   factor, suspend time MAX and setup suspend time MAX.

  Constrains: Constraints on operations, Quantity constraint for a resource, time fixed   level, quantity fixed level, Time Constrain MAX,

  Secoundary Contrains, Advanced Contrains.

  Heat Treatment Processes: Furnance resources, furnance Valid Conditions.

  Specs: Changeover time due to change of item or sub resource, condition using spec   Pegging and Outsource resources.

  Lean Techniques: Heijunka, Level Loading, Quick Changeovers, Kanban.