APS-Requirements Analysis

Through pre-implementation analysis, we are able to assess the production situation and, based on our evaluation, create an APS specification sheet that is tailored to you and your requirements and expectations. These include:


  • Management Goals
  • Product-Specific and Process-Specific Requirements
  • Process Rules and Process Restrictions
  • Planning Rules and Planning Restrictions

Proof of concept

Goals and Advantages

APS is a core part of any production company and determines the productivity of the factory to a great degree. Thus the selection process for an APS is very significant.

We strongly recommend verifying any potential APS through the use of a prototype

with real (your own) data

mapping your own product

mapping of real processes and restrictions.

Your current and future APS requirements will be elaborated in detail, whereby the processes, planning rules and IT system will be considered.

A detailed APS specification sheet will be created prior to the start of the project. For all required specifications we will develop a solution in the Asprova software in order to verify the Asprova functions. The Asprova prototype, based on your real data, will be presented “live” for verification.

Developing a Prototype

A prototype is developed according to requirements denoted in the specification sheet. Therein included are:

Products and ProcessesCurrent Process Rules and Restrictions

Current Planning Rules and Restrictions

Real Orders from a Time Period

Thus forward, we are going to present the results – for you to assess Asprova’s capabilities. In this way, our goal is to help you make a project decision that is results-oriented and based on facts.

Value for Money

Asprova is not just a planning tool for production, it is also a powerful Lean-tool for grinding down cost

  • The ROI is excellent through improved profit and cash flow!
  • In most businesses the ROI is amortized within 12 months (often many times over!)
  • Improvement of the productivity and capacity of the employees and machines
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Reduction of inventory
  • Improvement of the flexibility and speed towards customer’s requirement
  • Quickly and reliably estimate delivery dates
  • Improved ability to react in case of disturbances
  • Systematization of the planning method and reduction of the planning man’s hours
  • Improved liquidity
  • This time will be count as part of a future project of Asprova implementation in Qualtia Alimentos