Advanced Planning and Scheduling Seminar

Aimed At: Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Master Scheduler, Purchasing Planner, Production Scheduler, Production control, Planning and/or Scheduling Department staff, IT Manager, Customer Services, Demand Planner, Inventory and distribution planner

Total Seminar Duration: 16 hours / 4 Days


In which sense are the underlying planning and scheduling concepts as “Advanced”.

The seminar will share best practices enabling top executives in manufacturing and supply chain management to improve efficiency and achieve unprecedented results since implementing Asprova APS software, including:

Reduced lead times by 50 percent

Raised delivery reliability

Continuously attained record output

The program will also include a live demonstration of a typical Asprova´s user production planning and optimization software and a competitive planning game that brings everyday planning puzzles to life.

Undestand main functionalities of Asprova APS and how to increase profitability on their companies by implementing Software and best practices for Advanced Planning and Scheduling.


  •   Structure of Advanced Planning System
  •   Strategic Network Planning
  •   Demand Planning
  •   Master Planning
  •   Demand Fullfillment and ATP
  •   Production Planning and Scheduling
  •   Purchasing and Material Requirements Planning
  •   Distribution and Trasport Planning
  •   Coordination and Integration
  •   Collaborative Planning
  •   The implementation Process
  •   Forecast Methods
  •   Linear and Mixer Integer Programming
  •   Generic Algorithms
  •   Constraint Programming
  •   Asprova MS (See details on Asprova MS Seminar). 
  •   Sales Plan: Company forecast, sales forecast, customer forecast, firm orders
  •   Purchase Plan
  •   Long, Mid and Short term
  •   Advanced Pegging
  •   Sceneries evaluation – Key Performance Indicator