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Asprova webinar booking

Register to our next webinar on production scheduling:

September 28, 2023 (6:00 p.m. Mexico City time / 5:00 p.m. Santiago). Duration 90 minutes.


  • Reducing the risk of delayed deliveries in make-to-order production.


  •  Predict the impact of a new order in the overall equipment, labor utilization and available inventory.


  •  Visual Factory (Graphically display of composite Charts: Resource, Orders, Load, Inventory, Operations, etc)


  •   Capable to Promise.


  •   Resource optimization by testing different scenarios.


  •   Main key performance indicators to evaluate Schedule profitability.



Planning and Scheduling Consultores offers in-house training , seminars and workshops in order to undestand APS, SCM and ERP functions:

The difference between our training and other traditional methods is that we offer more than theoretical knowledge. Most of our training is offered on site at your premises where we jointly apply techniques by developing your own ways of working and the layout of the workplace in practice, your products, your machines and resource, in summary your opportunities to improve. As a result of our training programs you are left with solid, well-proven action plans, measurable goals and dedicated personnel.

We often combine the training with a number of days of consultant support to ensure that the desired transformation is achieved.

Currently, we are imparting these seminars by remotely.

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Seminar

Supply Chain Management Seminar

Asprova Manufacturing Schedulers Seminar