Advanced Visual Management and Planning

  • Depiction of all process connections
  • Highlight individual orders
  • Dynamic inventory monitoring (incoming, outgoing inventory; outsourcing)
  • Drill down functionality
  • Filter functionality in all tables, charts, and diagrams
  • Zoom functionality in all tables, charts, and diagrams
  • Window style customization (colors, properties, boundaries, toolbar, tooltip, and more)
  • Excellent usability: all tables, charts, and diagrams are accessed by switching to their tabs

Asprova APS: Visual Management

Dozens of Visualization Tools at Your Disposal
  • Oversee lead times across all orders for up to weeks and months in advance.


  • Monitor the status of current and planned orders.
  • Asprova’s visualization tools help in identifying bottleneck processes in advance. In this way, “firefighter activities” or, band aid solutions, can be avoided.

  • It is possible to effectively see into the future. This ensures front end load management and choice of the most cost-effective planning scenario.

APS enables visual management by displaying the results of scheduling graphically on the screen in the form of a Gantt chart. You can see at a glance the schedule stretching from the current state of the shop floor to several months in the future, making possible quick and accurate delivery date quotations. Furthermore, by monitoring the future schedule, you can take necessary measures ahead of time to prevent late deliveries. Visually identifying bottleneck resources also enables you to increase overall throughput, while monitoring the load on equipment enables you to improve the efficiency of your capital investments by determining the optimal plan for increasing production capacity.