Reduce paper and errors

After having your systems integrated, cost reduction can be met at every phase of all of your business processes. However, the greatest increase in your profits is a result of making better, more accurate decisions. Thanks to automating some of your tasks, you and your team can focus on gaining new customers and developing new skills which will allow your business growing.

Integration of the MES with machines and equipment removes the need for manual data collection, increasing accuracy, on time and security, becoming to a Paperless factory.

Data is no longer duplicated in fragmented systems: MES software makes spreadsheets, standalone databases, and departmental solutions that do not communicate with each other, redundant across productive departments work together with a single source of data.

Up to date documentation is available to operators at all times on the line, in multi-site organizations, MES guarantees everyone works in the same way across all plants. MES and SFDC in just an ingredient to obtain productivity and benefits. These tools need to based on a robust scheduling system and methodology to create great value.