Production Lead time reduction

Production Lead Time Reduction: Calculating your production schedule at high precision considering resource capacity is enough to start shortening production lead times. By synchronizing multiple processes in the schedule, APS eliminates unnecessary wait time between processes.

If you need to shorten lead times more, you can split manufacturing orders or individual operations and assign them to multiple machines in parallel.

To shorten lead times even further, you can overlap subsequent processes or reduce transfer batch sizes. Asprova supports the most advanced features to reduce lead time as: Synchronized Finite Capacity Scheduling, Operation Splitting, Time Constraint Method (Transfer Batch Size), Time Constraint MAX, Resource Lock, Bottleneck-Oriented Scheduling, External Setup, etc.

Are You Ready to Cut Your Production Lead Time by 50 Percent?

Lead time consists of waiting time and stagnation

for the most part, which is non-value-added time.

This is true even for world class manufacturers that have high-grade just-in-time systems in place –
about one percent of their total lead time is value-added;
the rest is waiting time and stagnation

The main causes for waiting time and stagnation are:

Reducing Non-ValueAdded Time by 50 Percent
with Orchestrating End-to-End Planning
from APS.

As an additional consequence:

+ WIP inventory reduction by 50 %
+ finished goods inventory reduction by 30 %
+ increased productivity and greatly reduced planning efforts
+ Minimized variable costs and minimized fixed costs