SFDC (Shop Floor Data Collection) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Shop Floor Data Collection With Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC), operators can use mobile barcode scanners to efficiently capture a wide range of data—including material issues, work order receipts, inventory movements, and labor transactions—on the shop floor in real time. Available on smartphones, tablets, hardwired units, and RF handheld devices, SFDC allows employees to remotely enter data anywhere and helps reduce receiving errors by allowing incoming material to be scanned into Intuitive immediately upon.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to capture and act on your shop floor data as quickly as possible. But with the huge volume of data circulating through today’s shop floor environments, manual processes are no longer up to the task. If your organization is still struggling with the delays, inaccuracies, and paper clutter of manual data collection, it’s time to upgrade to a solution designed for today’s shop floor.

With Aptean Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC), you can collect and analyze your critical shop floor data quickly, easily, and accurately.

With SFDC, operators can use mobile barcode scanners to instantly capture data like material issues, inventory transactions, work order receipts, shipping, labor and more – and enter it automatically into Made2Manage, Intuitive, or Encompix ERP. Shop Floor Data Collection for Discrete Manufacturing Solutions Streamlined Data Entry for a Paperless Shop Floor

• Go paperless

With SFDC, you can simply scan a Purchase Order, Shipper, or Job Order Number and electronically select items to be received, shipped, or issued – eliminating the stacks of handwritten transactions scattered around your shop floor.

• Improve data accuracy

By allowing information to be scanned directly into your ERP, SFDC eliminates the tedious, error-prone process of manually keying data into the system.

• Improve data timeliness

Available on a range of mobile devices, SFDC allows employees to remotely enter data anywhere, so transactions can be recorded immediately, in the location where they occur.

• Increase inventory visibility

SFDC keeps inventory locations up-to-date and visible to all in real time, so operators no longer need to run between warehouses to find inventory.

Asprova MES displays the scheduling plans created by Asprova at the manufacturing site. The information can be used directly as production instructions. Gantt charts and dispatching views can be referenced using the same windows as Asprova MS.

Graphical user interface Resource Gantt chart, order Gantt chart and dispatching view etc , can be referenced using the same windows as Asprova MS. (only display the schedule result, not be able to adjust or save schedule ) .Input results It’s possible to input results through Asprova MES. The results can be export to text files or data bases(external data source ),and connected to a system through external data source. Concomitantly-used with Asprova DS When Asprova DS is used, the real time connection is possible through internet or LAN without a shared folder or database.