High Speed Holistic Optimization

Holistic Optimization

  • APS allows for optimization with regards to various target values.


  • All in all, a holistic approach to optimization is given through the ability to improve in all micro areas.


  • This means the processes can be synchronized with each other throughout the factory, thereby minimizing stagnation and waiting times, as well as work-in-progress and inventory stocks.
  • Timing and sequencing in production are optimized on all levels, as APS takes machine setup, production lot sizes, material availability, and many more factors into account.


  • Asprova’s rule-based scheduling scenario system allows for maximum transparency and comprehensibility of method and results.


  • In other words, parameters, assignment rules, or parts of the scheduling logic for further improvement of the schedule are clearly recognizable!

Asprova is built on carefully crafted, highly efficient algorithms that produce realistic and feasible production schedules within extremely short periods of time. This means that…


  • the schedule can be updated instantly to reflect the current situation.
  • numerous simulations can be run, thereby creating a pool from which the most optimal can be selected.
  • test runs can be done to show how planned changes to production, including varying shifts, new machinery, new processes, etc. are going to impact performance.
  • target-driven optimization can be undertaken.
  • The calculation process of creating a schedule seldom takes longer than a few minutes.
  • Mostly, it is an instant process that takes no longer than a couple of seconds.