The serious disruption in the supply of materials caused by COVID 19 is driving companies to have greater visibility in production chains, making them more solid, adaptable and collaborative, which is achieved only with advanced planning and programming tools (APS ).

Although it may seem like a cliché, COVID 19 has come to highlight the weaknesses that existed in private and government institutions, and one of the most obvious are undoubtedly the productive chains.

We have seen with our clients countless shortages of materials and late and incomplete deliveries, from packaging for the food industry, to semiconductors in the electronics and automotive industry, going through a strong shortage of consumables and spare parts to operate machinery, or a shortage of resins in the plastics industry.

If before this contingency the traditional ERP management systems were not an alternative to plan, much less program the productive resources of the companies, now this gap has become even greater, since the rigid and monolithic way of balancing the demands with the materials and the productive resources by means of rules and static parameters it is totally exceeded.


Héctor Frías Saldaña

01 August 2021