Supply Chain Management Seminar

Aimed At: Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Master Scheduler, Purchasing Planner, Production Control, Planning and/or Scheduling Department.

Total Seminar Duration: 16 hours / 4 Days

Description: Nowadays, improving Competitiveness cannot be achieved by one company alone, because campanies have attempted to concentrate their business on those activities which they know best – their core competencies. Consecuently, the characteristics and the quality of a specific product or service sold to a customer largely depend on several firms involved in its creation. This brought about new challenges for the integration of legally separated firms and the coordination of materials, information and financial flows not experienced in this magnitude before.

Undestand main functionalities of Asprova SCM and how to increase profitability on their companies by implementing Software and best practices for optimization of the overall supply chain



  •   Supply chain Management – An Overview
  •   Supply chain Analysis
  •   Process Modelling
  •   Types of Supply Chains
  •   Execution and metrics of SC in Asprova
  •   Modelling the supply chain.
  •   Input to Asprova SCP: Forecast orders, firm orders, Inventory Levels.
  •   SCP calculation
  •   Realize visibitity of the supply chain
  •   Shorten the leadtime of supply chain overall
  •   Sceneries evaluation – Key Performance Indicator
  •   Output from SCP: Supply chain, Delivery Plan, Production Plan, Transportation plan.
  •   Bottleneck, KPI Evaluation
  •   Detailed scheduling and checking.