Global SCM & APS Consulting

Planning and Scheduling Consultores is the portal in which you can find answers and solutions to the big improve opportunities of planning global supply chain and scheduling of factories and transportation networks.

  • Which is the most optimal schedule for production, purchasing and transportation based on your company´s key performance indicator?
  • Are MPS/MRP generating unfeasible order to execute in production, purchasing and transportation?
  • Production schedule is not realistic and not workable in shop floor?
  • Planning and Scheduling cycle is too long and expensive?
  • Are there shortages in certain levels of supply chain, whereas excess of inventory in other levels?
  • Is your company losing business opportunities because you guys are not fast enough to response to changes in demand, processes conditions, transportation and supply?
  • Are visibility and synchronization of global supply chain deficient?
  • Is the company loosing profitable business because you are just delivering urgent packages?

Explore our portal and discover everything potentially we can do for improving the scheduling accuracy of each resource in your global supply chain as materials, machines, operators, tools, peripheries and transportation. Actually, how this synchronization creates savers, tangible benefits for your business and a significant profit increasing for your company.

If you are a master scheduler, operations manager, production control, production scheduler, buyer, logistics manager, transportation planner, warehouse manager or any other planner or scheduler professional, this portal has been thought for you.


We have been seeing tremendous growth potentials in Latin America as more and more manufacturers from there are showing interest in Asprova’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software.

Less than 1% of the manufactures who use an ERP in Latin America have not been fixed the Advanced Planning and Scheduling issue.

Additionally to the advanced tool “Asprova” and our seminars and workshops, Planning and Scheduling Consultores offer consulting services that allow your company performance as a result of optimizing Global Supply Chain.

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

What is Lean?

“Lean is a systematic approach to producing more (goods, services) with higher quality by engaging the hands and minds of the people doing the work in a disciplined and commonly understood method of problem-solving. This scientific approach uses the shared creation of standard work as a way to agree on the best way to get work done in the most purposeful way; and it enables people to identify problems as ‘gaps’ between how the work is being done and how it should be done—which allows a blame-free exploration into why best practices are not happening to occur—and to create a culture where continuous improvement is a mindful and structured mindset that is always present.” 
“Rooted in Purpose, Process, and respect for People, lean is about creating the most value for the customer while minimizing resources, time, energy, and effort.

Rob Henderson, President of PSC

Contact us for a Strategic Opportunities Assessment (SOA)

Strategic Opportunities Assessment

Diagnostic Description
10 day “radiography” of the current state of the organization
Detection of gaps between the current state and desired and ideal states
Quantification of the “What’s” and “Why’s”, with a description of the “How’s”
Vindication of the 3-1 ROI guarantee; prioritization of “Quick Wins”

Diagnostic Deliverables
Presentation of studies (4 to 5 hours)
Project Scope, detailing activities and objectives for KPI’s
Project Timing: dates, deliverables and project management
Economic Proposal: guaranteed ROI and expected ROI, usually approx. 10-1

Diagnostic Development
Direct Observation: studies developed on the shop floor by our associates
Statistical Analysis: operational and cost analysis based on company statistics
Questionnaires: organizational development and attitudinal studies
Mapping: process and informational maps based on observation by our associates