Who we are?

We are a group of consultants with many decades experience in Planning and scheduling of all resources involved on global supply chain, we keep focus on increase productivity and profitability and with the most advanced tool to make easier and versatile the results: Asprova, the most effective, adaptable, agile and most simplest to implement, maintain and escalate on the market.

We are the representatives of Asprova and Lean Manufacturing Japan for Latin America.

Planning and Scheduling Consultores after establishing in 1998, the company quickly became one of the most popular and well-respected business consulting companies in Latin America Market. By focusing on creating value to our customers, increase productivity and profitability, Planning and Scheduling consultores has developed more than 150 successful projects based on the “state of the art” technologies and worldwide methodologies on Global Supply chain, Lean Manufacturing and Advanced Planning and Scheduling. We are constantly looking the best business alliances with Companies Leaders in technologies & business practices to give the best solutions for our clients. We have maintained a reputation for increase profitability and productivity projects from the beginning of our projects.


Our Mission

Integrate, encourage, develop and retain the human talent, creating a work environment that allows our people a constant satisfaction in order to give high impact business solutions to our customers in productivity and profitability.

Contact us for information about how Asprova and our experience in Planning and Scheduling can help to reach your company goals.