Global Supply Chain Optimization

Global expansions of the manufacturing industry require a tool which can simultaneously manage (1) Global Demand (2) Global distribution center networks (3) Global factory networks (4) Global Supply Chain. Asprova SCM creates a schedule for overall Supply Chain, assisting in the visibility thereof, and the overall optimization of the supply chain.
With Asprova SCM you can model the supply chain consisting of sites (suppliers, distribution centers and final customers), linked by delivery resources (truck, ship, air freight, etc), Factories and distribution centers cab exist in multiple levels and have inventory points associates with items. Certain items are consumed by certain factories to produce subassemblies which are further consumed by other factories to produce finish goods. Final products are then delivered to the customers via the distribution centers. Production constraints, and the constraints of delivery routes are registered in master data of Asprova SCM.

Input orders to SCM should be forecast orders, tentative orders or confirmed orders. These can be input manually or imported from an external system such as an ERP.

With Demand input at the final customer, SCP works backward through the sites along the chain calculating material requirements, linking supply/demand between sites and simultaneously creates a rough time schedule. Start/end times are determining for each production, purchase and delivery task with high speed and synchrony. SCM considers all involved constraints: Supply capacity, production capacity, delivery and transportation capacity.

SCP outputs are: Supply Schedule for each supplier, Production Schedule for each factory and resource, Delivery Schedule for each client and facility and Transportation Schedule for each truck.
When you implement Asprova SCM in your company, you immediately obtain visibility of the supply chain, Shorten the lead time of supply chain overall and increase the synchronization of your Global SCM.

Nowadays is not possible to consider a Global Supply Chain without an advanced tool as Asprova.

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