Seamless System Integration

ERP Systems (Enterprise Resources Planning) model the different planning tasks inadequately. Furthermore, these planning tasks are executed sequentially, without allowing the revisions to upper-level decisions. Tasks in ERPs do not consider capacity at all and constrains. Furthermore, lead-times are used as a fixed input from BOM or item, even though it is common knowledge that lead-times are the result of planning. It is not surprising that user of ERP systems complain about long lead times and many orders exceeding deadlines. Also, production and distribution planning are more or lees separated systems. Last but not least, the focus of ERP systems has been a single firm, while APS has been designed also for inter-organizational supply chain.


Seamless System Integration: Asprova does not substitute, but supplement existing ERP MES, SFC, WMS Systems. APS take complex planning and scheduling task, while an ERP system is still required as a transactional and execution system (orders) and financial.

Asprova is a very robust tool to synchronize both static and dynamic information, link with OLE DBs or individual files the tables and fields, sequence can be easily selected, record filters and conversion formulas, define routines, primary keys, functionalities for each single field. Furthermore, you can use differential data import and export to minimize the amount of data exchanged between Asprova and the existing system. Since only the data that changed is imported and exported, data is transmitted more quickly, enabling you to issue work instructions and quote delivery dates faster.

Comunication ERP/APS (example)